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Did you know that you don’t need a visa or even a passport to move to North America? This online language course is for those who dream of exploring the continent of North America! From the cold north of Canada through the USA to Mexico in the south of the continent. In this online English course we will try to learn as much as possible from our local native speakers. It is from them that we can most easily get all the information. They are on the spot and know their country best. Thus, without knowing when, we learn their way of speaking, their use of words and the meaning of many of them. To start with, you better dress warmly to see the northern lights and taste the maple syrup. Then it will be time for a real trip across the States – New York, Washington, Texas, California and many other remote places. Then it’s Mexico’s turn, filled with colours, intense flavours and surprises. We will also learn some Spanish vocabulary from our experienced local guide.

<span style="color: #808080;"> Number of participants:</span> 4-6

Number of participants: 4-6

<span style="color: #808080;">Duration:<br></span> 55 min. (incl. 45 min. with a native speaker)

55 min. (incl. 45 min. with a native speaker)

<span style="color: #808080;">Lessons:</span> 36 weeks (3 x 12-week country modules)

Lessons: 36 weeks (3 x 12-week country modules)

Recommended age:   8-14 years English level:  A2, B1, B2, C1​

Recommended age: 8-14 years English level: A2, B1, B2, C1​

36 weeks of online English with native speakers

We chat - we talk, converse and immerse ourselves in the culture of a given country
Great fun all year round! Thanks to Let's Go America! your child will learn English and also get to know the subtle language differences between the USA, Canada and Mexico.

In addition to new vocabulary, the children gain knowledge of the culture and history of each of the countries visited thanks to the fact that the teachers are from those very places.

The communicative English we focus on is the basis of language learning. We naturally teach a new language through conversation without teaching grammar. When teaching children a foreign language we take advantage of the fact that they do not have as many barriers as adults, they are not afraid of making mistakes and their mind is more receptive. We try to activate them but without forcing them and we protect them from boredom!

In this course, all the material will be divided into blocks so that each of the three parts corresponding to a different country can be more easily systematised and linked to the topic.


We will engage every child!


A country of many cultures and diversity
The United States is an incredibly diverse country in terms of culture, ethnicity, religion and customs. Visiting this country is a real thrill!
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English or French?
Do you want to visit a country stretching "from sea to sea"? Or do you fancy a quick game of hockey? Join us on a tour of Canada where, as well as learning English, you'll probably learn a few phrases in French!
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Full of differences, flavours and colours!
A rich history and fascinating culture - this is the shortest way to describe Mexico. It will be colourful! Not a single frill or scarf in traditional Mexican embroidery will catch our eye. We will admire the works of Frida Kahlo, as well as unique flowers.
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Native speaker & bilingual teacher

Effective English courses
Our classes last 55 minutes. For 45 minutes the classes are taught by certified native speaker teachers from their place of residence. The whole time they engage the children in conversation, so that our students, apart from learning English, get to know the world! The bilingual support teacher introduces the topic of the class for the first 5 minutes and will spend the last 5 minutes summarizing it and answering any questions. (This teacher also checks the written homework in folders - creative writing with 10 key words from the previous classes). This is an innovative and unique LEO method!!!

How long does it take and
exactly what is included

The course lasts 36 weeks and includes:

3 x 12

3 x 12 lessons per country module (36 lessons) with a qualified native speaker teacher w grupach 4-6 osobowych online (55 minutowe zajęcia)

Levelling interview

A levelling interview involving both parent and child to introduce the child and parent to the bilingual support teacher

Additional materials

Additional materials for self-paced work. Submitted homework is checked and returned by the teacher

Bilingual teacher

A bilingual teacher, who watches over the course of the lessons, introduces and summarises them. He clarifies any doubts, explains new vocabulary and helps to systematise knowledge


Each class is a chance to win another victory in speed and knowledge of the new 10 LEO key words. At the end of the course – a big test! Children love Kahoot! and the competition makes students enjoy learning, without the parent having to monitor their own work.


LEO PLUS e-learning course for self-paced study contains: interesting materials, quizzes, recordings of native speakers and is a great way to deepen the knowledge acquired in class with a native speaker
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Class recording

Possibility to re-listen to classes , that are on the learner’s platform for 48h after finishing

POP-UP sessions

Thematic POP-UP sessions During each school year we organise a minimum of three free sessions for LEO Academy students on cultural highlights such as. Viking holidays, Thanksgiving in the USA or St. Patrick’s Day
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Experience an English course with native speakers

Extraordinary stories, an incredible adventure.
✈️ Our online English course will take your children ⛱️ , to England, Scotland and Ireland!
Poziom języka angielskiego:

A2, B1, B2, C1


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