Ultimate Summer 2022

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Have you ever thought of travelling to 5 different countries in only 5 days? Even Phileas Fogg wouldn’t dare. But you will! Embark NOW on our amazing summer camp and visit South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Tenerife and Ireland within 5 days!

<span style="color: #808080;">Travellers  :</span> 4-6

Travellers : 4-6

45 minute online english course with a native speaker guide<br>+ 15 minutes with a bilingual host <img style="max-height: 24px;" src=""> <img style="max-height: 24px;" src="">

45 minute online english course with a native speaker guide
+ 15 minutes with a bilingual host

<span style="color: #808080;">Duration:</span> 60 minutes<br>+ after class arts and crafts & lingua fun kit

Duration: 60 minutes
+ after class arts and crafts & lingua fun kit

<span style="color: #808080;">Suggested age:</span> 9-12<br><span style="color: #808080;">Skill level:</span> Intermediate

Suggested age: 9-12
Skill level: Intermediate

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Amazing stories, incredible adventures

✈️ Amazing summer camp ⛱️ Visit South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Tenerife and Ireland within 5 days!

Travel Plan

South Africa

A flight into South Africa.
Let's start our online english course! Get ready for a real African adventure! Today we will see amazing African animals: zebras, elephants and of course LEO. We will go down super tall water slides & visit Cape Town and Table Mountain. We might go to Boulders Beach to observe the penguins too!
online english course


New Zealand

A flight into New Zealand.
We go far! Today we will see the heart of Earth bubbling. We will learn why this distant country is called the land of the long white cloud (Aotearoa). We will definitely talk a lot about kiwis and what they are. We will also learn some new words in “New Zealandish” English
online english course



A flight into England.
A comfy distance from yesterday's trip today we go down under! What amazing animals we will meet today: Kangaroos, koalas, echidnas, kookaburras, Tasmanian devils, platypuses, crocodiles and emus! We can finish the day no less exciting surfing in amazing waves of the Australian coast and seeing one of the world’s best beaches!
online english course



A flight to Tenerife.
We stay in exotic destinations however we are coming back to Europe- today we will take trip to Canary Islands! No way not to spend some time on one of the beautiful beaches of Tenerife. We will visit bananas’ plantations and have a look at some other local plants- and we will definitely meet few lizards.
online english course



A flight to Ireland.
Coming back to Europe! We will take it very dreamy though- today we will learn some incredible Irish folk legends, meet giants in Giants Causeway, forest fairies and get to know who Queen Maueve is.
online english course


Native Speaker Guides

South Africa
Diploma in Education, TEFL and IESL certificates
Hello! Sawubona! Molo! Hallo! My name is Leslie. I would love to show you around South Africa. I am a native English speaker with a neutral accent. After spending many years in the classroom, I am now teaching English to children across the world. I love learning about my students’ country and culture. Now, please join me so that I can show you my beautiful country.
Diploma in Education
G’day! My name is Sam and I live in Melbourne, the second-largest city in Australia. I have been a qualified school teacher for over 10 years. What I love most about teaching is seeing a student’s face light up when they realise they have just learnt something new. I know I’ll see a lot of that through the LEO Academy! Australia really is an amazing place and I look forward to sharing it with you.
PhD student, MA in English Language Teaching – UL
How’s the craic! I’m Chris from Kerry in the west of Ireland.
I can’t wait to share with you my favourite things about this beautiful, green and rainy country. I love to play music and sing, so maybe we can do sing some Irish songs together.
I love teaching, especially when I get to talk about my favourite thing…. Ireland!
I’m really looking forward to doing this with LEO!
New Zeland
Teacher of English as a foreign language
I am a TEFL qualified teacher of English as a foreign language. I have lots of experience working as an online tutor of students from all over the world. I am originally from the UK but have been living in New Zealand for 11 years. I enjoy being creative and am also keen to use this creativity to create stimulating lessons to inspire a class. I have travelled extensively and enjoy meeting new people and experiencing different cultures.
Teach English to adults, children and companies
Hello, My name is Mark. I am an English teacher from Birmingham. I live and work in Tenerife, Spain. As I have spent many years living in Spain, I can speak fluent Spanish. I teach English to adults, children and companies via Skype, virtual classroom and telephone. I am fun and engaging and I like to learn a lot about my students as well as seeing them learn English with me. I can’t wait to be your guide around the Canary Islands!
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10.00 CET (Warsaw time)


6-10.07, 13-17.07, 20-24.07, 27-31.07, 3-7.08, 10-14.08, 17-21.08, 24-28.08

4 reviews for Ultimate Summer 2022

  1. Małgorzata

    „It’s super interesting! I want to go there!” That’s how my daughters reacted after the first trip with LEO. After they overcome the problems with understanding Australian accent, it went smooth. There were lots of interesting facts and fun stories so they just kept talking for the rest of the day. There were just so many things to share! They were shocked by the fact that some farms in Australia can be as big as Israel, that Australian cowboys look out for their cows from a helicopter and that koalas stink. And that’s just few of many other facts! I was surprised by the amount of knowledge my children gather within just one hour. Thank you!

  2. Małgorzata

    Today during the camp my girls had a chance to see how does traveling on a ferry from one island to another look like. They got to know that the New Zealanders experience about 100 earthquakes a year! It was an amazing trip to the farthest place from Poland. Monstrous amount of knowledge of geography, history and language. My children can’t wait for tomorrow, because they are going to South Africa!

  3. Małgorzata

    South Africa – the Rainbow Country. I’m so happy that (thanks to LEO) my children had a chance to see this place! They were really fascinated about the safari park and all the animals. Also the southern African accent was quite easy for them to understand

  4. Małgorzata

    The trip to Tenerife was the second best for my daughters. Again – a lot of interesting facts about the beaches, sand, food, animals and island’s history. It was a great experience for my kids!

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