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LEO Academy founders:

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Dorota Sakowska-Hunt
Managing Director
MA University of Lodz, Int Relations
MBA International University of Monaco
speaks 5 languages
About me
I have always been passionate about foreign languages and cultures. Throughout my years of language education I have learned the keys to start speaking a language properly. This involves direct contact with the culture, real native speakers, the love that you start to feel for it that makes you go and flow with the language. As a mum of 2 bilingual children brought up in 2 educational systems I understood even more about the way children learn languages. With the exciting LEO Academy project I hope we will be able to deliver this learning experience to many more children.
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Mark Jeremy Hunt
LEO Academy founder
BSc King’s College London
PhD University of Cambridge
Habilitation Nencki Institute (PAN)
About me

I was born and was educated from primary to university level in the UK. I have also lived abroad, in France and currently in Poland. During the current COVID-19 pandemic and whilst working from home my wife and I realised that our children could benefit from additional language lessons online.

Through contacts with our language-based businesses we quickly managed to find a suitably qualified teacher to hold online classes. We could easily send relevant pages from the textbook and using online media easily arrange a lesson. It worked well and we want to give other parents and their children this opportunity.

Client relations:

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Agata Sibilska – Woźniacka
Client relations
MA in Russian Linguistics Jagiellonian University
About me
I am the mum of 3 children, two have started enjoying online classes with native speakers during the COVID-19 lockdown. We definitely don’t want to be back to the traditional methods of “classroom” learning. I live on the city outskirts and definitely don’t like wasting time in traffic travelling with children for additional activities. I’d much rather use that saved time to be outdoors! I am passionate about horses, and online methods of work and education.

Arts & Crafts:

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Anna Upendram
Arts & Crafts
Special Education University APS in Warsaw SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw
About me
I am a special educator and therapist in the field of visual arts and art therapy. I graduated from Art, University in Warsaw. These and subsequent cultural studies taught me to work with various people. I had the chance to try many fields of art and each fascinates me. First of all, I am close to the psychology of creativity and developing it with my own children. Creativity knows no boundaries!

Our teachers:

native speakers in the country of residence
Mark Jeremy Hunt
BSc z King’s College w Londynie dr nauk Uniwersytetu w Cambridge
Urodziłem się i ukończyłem wszystkie etapy edukacji w Wielkiej Brytanii. Przez jakiś czas mieszkałem też we Francji, a teraz w Polsce. Podczas pandemii COVID-19 i pracy w domu wraz z żoną doszliśmy do wniosku, że nasze dzieci mogą wiele zyskać dzięki dodatkowym lekcjom językowym online.
CELTA and all Cambridge Teacher Knowledge Tests
Hi, I’m Anna, an English teacher from the UK. I’m a native English speaker and I have taught English all over the world as well as online for the last 4 years, teaching students from age 3 to 70. I hold a BA in French, a Cambridge CELTA and all Cambridge Teacher Knowledge Tests. I love learning new languages – I speak French, Italian and Mandarin Chinese – and I love helping others to improve their English.
CELTA, MSc in language cognition
Hello! I currently live in Edinburgh and have lived here for 5 years. I was originally born in England, and have travelled to many places in the world. I love the culture of England; the landscapes, literature, arts and people. I’ve been teaching English for four years privately, online and in the classroom. I look forward to introducing you to the interesting and wonderful culture of England!
TEFL Certificate, BA (Cons) Journalism, BA Painting
Hello! I am a native-English speaker from Scotland. I love helping people learn skills and improve their English. I enjoy engaging with students in English about their interests and dreams. I originally trained as a journalist and worked as a writer for many years before going to art school. As well as teaching, I write, paint and I read a lot. I aim to make my lessons fun, creative and always interesting.
BA German and Italian, Bangor University, DipTESOL
I am originally English but have lived in Edingurgh for over 5 years now and simply love Scottish culture! I speak 5 languages and am currently learning Arabic as well as British Sign Language! I think being able to communicate with others in their own language allows a deeper connection and I love helping others learn English – I’ve been teaching for 10 years now and have taught all ages from 6 to 86!
PhD student, MA in English Language Teaching – UL
How’s the craic! I’m Chris from Kerry in the west of Ireland. I can’t wait to share with you my favourite things about this beautiful, green and rainy country. I love to play music and sing, so maybe we can do sing some Irish songs together. I love teaching, especially when I get to talk about my favourite thing…. Ireland! I’m really looking forward to doing this with LEO!
BA Hons, University of Reading, Art and History of Art, TEFL
Hello, I’m Sarah! I am British and a native English speaker. I love teaching English to all ages of students and like to make my lessons fun and interesting. I have written a novel and a children’s book, and I am also a professional artist – I use all of these experiences to help keep my lessons creative!
BA – Cork School Of Music MA – Cork School Of music, TEFL
I am a musician, teacher and lover of English. I graduated from the Cork School of Music, with over six years of formal education in teaching and performing. I’ve spent the past ten years of my life teaching music, and touring all over the world. I’ve always had a keen interest in English, and have dedicated the last two years to understanding and exploring the similarities between teaching English and teaching Music.
BA in Economics & French – University College Dublin, TEFL
Dia duit, my name is Ben and I live in County Cork in Ireland. I love sharing my experiences with my students and teaching them about our lovely little island, Ireland while learning as much as possible about their own culture. I look forward to meeting you through the fantastic LEO Academy and helping you on your English journey.
Hi, my name is Sarah. I’m from Ireland and I’m a Primary School teacher with a TEFL certificate. I’ve spent some time teaching English in France also and teaching online also. I really enjoy meeting all of my students. My goal is to help children learn in a fun and engaging way. I’m very interested in travelling and seeing the world, while learning new skills. I’m looking forward to seeing some of you very soon in my classes.
Hi, my name is Angela Maria, however, all my life I have been known as Martha. I am a New Zealander, more commonly known as Kiwis, who left home with my Irish Passport clenched tightly in my hand to explore the world beyond the bottom of the world. I have been teaching full time since June 2016. I have taught students of all ages- each has brought unique challenges needing to be overcome by working together.
British Council on Teaching English TEFL certificate
Hello! My name is Katie and I am from Manchester. I love to teach English! I have taught English to children and adults in Italy, Mexico and Costa Rica. I am a very fun, dynamic and positive teacher! In my classes, we do lots of conversation practice and I love to include interactive activities. Join me this summer for a Trip to London, to see what England has to offer!
Montessori-inspired English teacher in international schools
Hello! I have gained experience working in Thai government schools in Southern Thailand, teaching ages 2-16. During that time I coached multiple students and obtained national-level 1st place awards in English competitionsI have a passion for teaching with a kind and compassionate manner. Learning through play is my main focal point with younger students. I incorporate Montessori-inspired learning stations, allowing the students to make their own choices, and to explore their imagination with infinite possibilities.
BEc – University of Queensland, TESOL, IELTS, PTE
Hi! I’m Matt from Brisbane, Australia. During the day I’m a humble Primary School teacher but by night transform into a language geek, teaching ESL online to students from all across the world. I’ve taught English in China and Thailand as well as in language institutes in Australia. I can speak Chinese and Russian, and I’m working on Japanese (as I mentioned before, language geek). I love meeting people from all different walks of life and helping them improve their English ability, and look forward to doing so with LEO academy!
Certified experienced Tutor
Aloha! My name is Rose and I’m from Hawaii. I’m excited to meet you and share with you the amazing things that you can find here in Hawaii – from its double rainbows, majestic volcanoes and fascinating native animals to its rich, diverse culture and history! I have experience working as a tutor, and I like guiding students into not only figuring out the answer on their own, but also to experience joy from it.
New Zealand
Teacher of English as a foreign language
I am a TEFL qualified teacher of English as a foreign language. I have lots of experience working as an online tutor of students from all over the world. I am originally from the UK but have been living in New Zealand for 11 years. I enjoy being creative and am also keen to use this creativity to create stimulating lessons to inspire a class. I have travelled extensively and enjoy meeting new people and experiencing different cultures.
South Africa
Diploma in Education, TEFL and IESL certificates
Hello! Sawubona! Molo! Hallo! My name is Leslie. I would love to show you around South Africa. I am a native English speaker with a neutral accent. After spending many years in the classroom, I am now teaching English to children across the world. I love learning about my students’ country and culture. Now, please join me so that I can show you my beautiful country.
TEFL & TESOL Certified
My name is Jesseca. I am Canadian and a native English speaker. I am so excited to be teaching English! I have two young children, ages 5 and 3. I love watching them grow! I homeschool my children because teaching them is one of my greatest accomplishments! My family is planning a one year road trip around Canada driving a truck. We love exploring Canada and enjoy traveling together.
Diploma in Education
G’day! My name is Sam and I live in Melbourne, the second-largest city in Australia. I have been a qualified school teacher for over 10 years. What I love most about teaching is seeing a student’s face light up when they realise they have just learnt something new. I know I’ll see a lot of that through the LEO Academy! Australia really is an amazing place and I look forward to sharing it with you.
Diploma in Education
Hello! My name is Melissa and I can’t wait to show you around The United States. I have a Master’s in Education and I am a teacher in the United States.I am a fun and engaging teacher who loves to incorporate movement and conversation. I love learning about my students and meeting children from around the world. I can’t wait to be your guide around America!
English philology Over 15 years teaching online
Hola! I am a native Spanish language teacher from the north of Spain. I studied English Philology at university and when I started teaching I soon realized this was my dreamt job as I love sharing languages and culture while I learn from my students. For over 15 years I’ve met students online and face to face, and teaching online has given me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world.
Hallo! I am Johannes and based close to Frankfurt in Germany. I have lived many years in Scotland where I helped to create, review and record German examination materials for thousands of students around the county. I have been teaching German to many different students for a number of years. I love to learn about different cultures, languages and listen to stories and experiences from others.
Filologia polska, Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika w Toruniu
Uczę języka polskiego jako obcego od 4 lat i z każdym rokiem coraz częściej gratuluję sobie tak wspaniałej decyzji! Czuję, że jestem we właściwym miejscu w życiu, dlatego że fascynuje mnie nie tylko cudownie szeleszczący i szumiący język ojczysty, ale też samo nauczanie. Szybko odnalazłam się w roli pedagożki, która wciąga uczniów w przygodowy świat zarówno języka, jak i różnorodnej, bogatej kultury polskiej.