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Welcome to the Academy of Wizardry! We are looking for young apprentices who would like to join our Academy. We will teach you some basic spells and show you wizardry forms of communication. You will also meet some mystical creatures that you won’t find in a human world. Sounds interesting? Come join us on this magical adventure!

<span style="color: #808080;">Travellers  max.:</span> 8

Travellers max.: 8

45 minute online course for children with a native speaker guide<br>+ 15 minutes with a bilingual host <img style="max-height: 24px;" src=""> <img style="max-height: 24px;" src="">

45 minute online course for children with a native speaker guide
+ 15 minutes with a bilingual host

<span style="color: #808080;">Duration:</span> 60 minutes<br>+ after class arts and crafts & lingua fun kit

Duration: 60 minutes
+ after class arts and crafts & lingua fun kit

<span style="color: #808080;">Suggested age:</span> 9-12<br><span style="color: #808080;">Skill level:</span> Intermediate

Suggested age: 9-12
Skill level: Intermediate

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Move to the world of magic and wizardry today!

🧙🏻‍♂️ We will teach your child magic, 🇬🇧 English
and at the same time provide him with great fun! 🔮

Travel Plan

Learn wizardry

Get ready to learn wizardry
Let’s start our online course for children with gathering our supplies for our first year at the Academy of Wizardry. We will get our wands, cauldrons and broomstick and we will be ready for the magical adventure!
online course for children

day 1

Way to Academy

Your way to the Academy
Now that we have all the necessary items, we start our journey to the Academy. How do you wish to travel? Traditionally by train? On a broomstick? Can you teleport? Or maybe you have your own magical way of travelling?
online course for children

day 2

First day

First day at the Academy
Once in the Academy, you will be directed straight to the great hall where you will meet our headmaster and professors. You will also meet the two students’ groups than run our Academy: brave and kind Bearwell, and smart and ambitious Sortiny. Which group fits you best?
online course for children

day 3

The Woods

Step out of the castle
Let’s step out of the castle for a moment and lake a stroll around the woods surrounding the Academy. Well, according to the school law you should not go there, but think about those interesting creatures! Maybe we will even make friends with some of them!
online course for children

Day 4

Secrets of the Academy

The hidden secrets of the Academy
After a trip to the woods we are now ready to discover other secrets of our Academy. Find the mysterious hidden chamber and discover all its secrets! Be prepared to fight as the creatures living there might not be too friendly. But don’t worry, in our Academy you will always find some magical help.
online course for children

Day 5

Summer camp price
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09.00 CET (Warsaw/Berlin)


6-10.07, 13-17.07, 20-24.07, 27-31.07, 3-7.08, 10-14.08, 17-21.08, 24-28.08

4 reviews for Academy of Wizardry

  1. Krystyna

    After these lessons Maria runs out like she has really visited a magic world. For an hour she is completely detached from this world! She has even checked if there is Harry Potter on Netflix to see it once again 🙂
    Good job!

  2. Jolanta

    My son has been attending the Wizarding Academy since last Monday. Congratulations on your idea. Maciek impatiently waits for the next classes. He’s a Harry Potter fan.

  3. Erica

    Hello everyone
    I really enjoyed the wizarding thing. My favorite day was Monday and Friday. Because we went shopping and discovered the hidden parts of the academy. I made a wish, I wished I could have a room of books and a box of chocolates!

  4. Małgosia

    My son loved those classes! Thanks again!

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